Prudence Rose Fowler
PO Box 56098
Dominion Road
Mount Eden

NZ Phone:+64 9 6232962 UK Phone:+44 203 5191561


Coached by

Hayden Roulston

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about prudence fowler

Born in January 2003 of English (1/2), Irish (1/4) and Spanish (1/4) decent in New Zealand (therefore eligible to represent any of these four countries)
Since January 2014 Prudence has gained 37 Regional Gold Medals, 18 North Island Gold Medals and 24 National Gold Medals in a variety of different sports and holds 4 National Cycling Records.

Current Sports include:-
Cycling (Both Track and Road)
3 x National Road Champion 2019
1 x National Track Champion 2019
5 x National Road Champion 2018
3 x National Track Champion 2018
4 x National Road Champion 2017
3 x National Road Champion 2016
2 x National Road Champion 2015
4 x National Time Trial Record Holder
National Individual Bronze Medalist


Swimming (both Open Water and Pool - Level 1)
National Open Water Bronze Medalist
2016, Silver Medalist 2015

Water Polo

Member of Auckland Rowing Club
2km ERG Time 7:36 (7th Jan 17)

Enjoys Running to keep fit!